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In response to the Jan. 11 letter by Brandon Russell, I have a few questions. Mr. Russell, have you ever heard of conscience? It develops when you are 6 or 7 and continues through life. A 7-year-old child should know it is wrong to steal a candy bar from Walmart and if he or she commits that act they feel bad about it for quite a while.

The St. Mary’s court clerks who will not perform gay marriages have this embedded in their conscience. If you were a doctor and the state told you that you must perform late-term abortions, what would you do? Kill the most innocent among us just because the state said to or would you find the murders too repulsive?

You state the Constitution clearly outlines a separation of church and state. I have gone over that particular paragraph many times and it does not outline said separation. To put it in plain English, it states the government will not favor one religion over another and will not interfere with the practice of any particular religion.

The clear outline you state is simply not there. That so-called separation is the brainchild of liberals putting their wrongheaded spin on it.

Mr. Russell, you claim that our state and country are “moving forward.” That is purely your opinion. You state: “Legal abortion and violent media do not devalue life for anyone.” Abortion and violent movies and video games tend to desensitize children to murder or ax and chain saw mayhem. Why? The kid can hit the rest button and everyone is alive and ready to do it again; not so in real life.

You say the Bible is subject to interpretation. What part of “Thou shalt not kill” do you not understand?

You speak of tolerance, yet the way you speak of Chester Seaborn’s Jan. 4 letter in your own letter makes you an intolerant hypocrite who speaks not balderdash but BS.

Paul Lawrence, California