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Now that the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) has entered into an agreement to purchase land for its new regional campus, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all parties who have been involved in the decision-making process. This included numerous landowners, elected officials, community leaders and CSM’s trustees.

Our requirements for the fourth campus property included a location proximate to Route 5, affordability and a size large enough to accommodate up to four buildings as well as athletic fields. After receiving many offers and reviewing numerous potential sites, CSM selected what we feel is an ideal property in Hughesville. The final decision to purchase land was not based on either jurisdictional or political grounds. We made the decision using wise business approaches and, at the same time, exercising due diligence.

Our region’s families are the ultimate winners. More students will have convenient access to high-demand training and educational programs.

These students should move on to become highly employable residents, living in all three of our counties and raising the quality of living not only for their own families, but for the region as they buy cars, homes, consumables, etc.

With the selection process completed, we enter a new phase to include site studies, design and construction of our new Center for Trades and Energy Training, which is currently located on leased property in Waldorf. Ultimately, we see this campus as an economic driver for all of Southern Maryland, and that is what CSM is all about.

Dr. Bradley M. Gottfried, La Plata

The writer is the president of the College of Southern Maryland.