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The letter “Sequestration budget cuts will be far-reaching” [Maryland Independent, March 1] listed all kinds of disasters that will happen and, of course, blamed them on the Republicans. That letter must have been copied from White House talking points, which seem to be predicting everything short of the end of the world.

First of all, the sequester was President Obama’s idea. Bob Woodward, a highly respected journalist, is catching a lot of flak for stating that fact in an article that was published.

Second, many people, such as police, firemen, EMTs and teachers, are paid by the state or local governments. Their salaries are not included in the federal budget.

Third, the Democrats continue to blame the Republicans and George Bush for the policies that are causing budget problems. Many of those problems resulted from programs enacted during the first two years of President Obama’s first term, when the Democrats also controlled both houses of Congress.

Fourth, the amount of funds cut is only a small part of the federal budget. Anyone who has worked in a medium-sized organization knows there are nonessential personnel, activities etc. that can be reduced or eliminated instead of the essential ones. This is especially true of many government organizations.

The blame for the sequester and many disasters still to come belongs to the elected Democrats and those who voted for them, didn’t vote or wasted their vote on candidates who didn’t stand a chance.

Robert Boudreaux, Waldorf