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During the 13th annual Buffalo Soldiers banquet in Baltimore on Feb. 16, Joe Wynn, National Association of Black Veterans Vet-Force regional vice president, introduced the new Southern Maryland National Association of Black Veterans chapter.

NABVETS is a membership-based organization serving minority and all other veterans through claims processing, volunteering programming and fraternal services. NABVETS has thousands of members nationwide who engage in chapter activities to serve veterans, veteran families and their communities. The organization will work tirelessly in unity with the community to end homelessness among veterans and has been addressing the veteran advocacy organization toward unmet needs of economically disadvantaged veterans since its inception in 1969.

For more than 40 years, NABVETS has led the challenge to demand attention to the plight of veterans who have been victims of Agent Orange, post traumatic stress disorder, less than honorable discharge and amnesty for Vietnam-era veterans.

NABVETS Maryland state commander and former Maryland Del. Clarence Davis, together with Wynn, appointed me as commander of Southern Maryland NABVETS Chapter 0086. I, along with the Southern Maryland rural veterans and associates, will work with comrades from the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

The group will celebrate, preserve and educate the local and state governments about the contributions of rural veterans by using Facebook, email ( and a virtual office.

The chapter will act as an avenue for veterans’ continued contributions through meaningful community services. I will dedicate NABVETS to reach out and assist veterans living in Southern Maryland, ensuring they receive the full range of benefits for which they are eligible. Equally important, as NABVETS commander — together with my rural veteran team — I will remain committed to using all its chapter resources, skills and associations to foster a spirit of camaraderie and community outreach among veterans of all ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds and military services.

Mike Moses, Waldorf