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The Maryland Community Health Resources Commission announced the appointment of Sue Kullen to its board.

The CHRC is a quasi-independent agency operating within the Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene created by the Maryland General Assembly in 2005 to expand access to health care services in underserved communities in the state. Its 11 members serve on a voluntary basis.

“It will be wonderful to work with Sue Kullen on the commission,” said John A. Hurson, chairman of CHRC, in a news release. “Sue Kullen’s expertise in rural and public health issues will greatly contribute to the work of the commission in the coming weeks and months.”

Since its inception, the commission has awarded 110 grants, totaling $22.6 milllion, supporting programs in every jurisdiction in the state. The programs collectively have provided health care services for more than 105,000 Marylanders and enabled its grantees to leverage $10 million in additional federal and private and nonprofit resources.

“Sue Kullen is an outstanding addition to the Community Health Resources Commission,” said Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein, secretary of DHMH. “The commission is an invaluable partner in our efforts to implement the Affordable Care Act.”

The commission is working with DHMH to implement the Health Enterprise Zones Initiative, a four-year pilot program that provides a range of incentives to reduce health disparities among racial and ethnic minority populations and among geographic areas, improve health care access and health outcomes in underserved communities, and reduce health care costs and hospital admissions and re-admissions.