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In the continuing battle of Calvert County Board of Commissioners versus Harrison, freedom won, again. We won an earlier round in this battle more than a year ago, but the county was a sore loser and refused to simply issue our home occupation permit. Instead, it changed the zoning law. In this latest round, culminating with an early 2013 hearing, the county was compelled by the Board of Appeals and Maryland law to specifically and finally issue our permit. Go freedom.

Our neighbors rallied to help preserve individual property rights by testifying in support at our hearing — thank you, Quiet Meadows. Are you lucky enough to have great neighbors? You better hope so because in Calvert County, your rights may depend on it.

This fight for our rights, which consumed 19 months and $35,000 in legal fees, resulted from the county’s refusal to follow Maryland law and 64 years of court precedent. The same law that grants the county the power of enforcement (we were threatened with fines of more than $100,000) limits that power in certain ways to ensure fairness for all citizens. Equality of opportunity, fairness and property rights are concepts apparently foreign to this county’s government.

I will fight injustice and fight for freedom and fairness for my family and every citizen in Calvert County as that is my responsibility as a taxpayer and an American citizen. I will do so with letters in this and other newspapers, through my Twitter feed (@freedomovergovt), through protests, through lawsuits and even as a county commissioner, if need be, because I am sure there are at least 15,000 voters in this county, including two other commissioners, who value freedom, the rule of law, the free market and individual rights.

Tyranny thrives on silence. Speak up.

Paul Harrison, Huntingtown