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I read the lengthy article [“‘Nones’ on the rise, not on the run,” Feb. 1, The Calvert Recorder] about people who claim they don’t believe in God, and was not surprised by their responses. Similar responses have brought me to tears, but I realize why it is so difficult to accept that there is a God who loves us mere humans. As one atheist told me, “I just can’t wrap my mind around it.” This is precisely the point. Our finite minds cannot imagine that anyone so infinite could exist. As I told her, “No one can wrap his mind around it.” So, first of all, we humans have to accept that we will never fully understand someone so magnificent.

However, God made us to desire Him, so we will never be fully satisfied until we accept Him. He also gave us a conscience to guide us, and free will so that we can follow our conscience or reject it. He allows events to occur that we don’t understand, like why bad things happen to good people or to children. It doesn’t seem fair to us because we don’t understand the mind of God, but He can use these events for good even when we don’t know why or how. We have the idea that God is a god of love and won’t punish us. But as our Father, He must discipline us when needed.

Another reason some people don’t accept there is a God is because they would also have to acknowledge there is good and evil and a place of torment (hell) and a place of eternal peace (heaven). If we don’t believe in good and evil, we don’t feel any obligation to do what is right. We feel no guilt or responsibility to anyone. If we believe in good and evil, we have to make a decision either to accept God or reject Him. If we accept Him, we have to submit our will to Him, which is unnatural for humans. If we reject Him, we even question why we need God, but we can’t keep from wondering about Him because God is seeking us, even if we aren’t seeking Him.

Some people have given up on the idea of a supreme being because we have been indoctrinated by some people running away from God and taught that there was no Creator, but that everything evolved all by itself over a period of millions of years. This “theory” has persisted, but it is absolutely impossible. The only reason some people say it took millions of years for some things to develop is because scientists know it would take longer than they can even imagine for such an event to occur. To prove that everything came into existence by a supreme being, we need only to look at the complexity of the human body or the growth of a single cell into some majestic flower or insect. We would then realize that all of this could not happen by chance.

Some people who have been exposed to Christian teachings have moved away from God because of the ignorance of those professing to know Him. Maybe they didn’t understand the word of God, or didn’t behave according to the high standards non-believers expect of Christians. When we don’t reach those standards, we become stumbling blocks to non-believers who judge all believers by the conduct of a few. This happens more often than it should.

It is not unusual for young people to begin to question their faith, as I did, because they want to know the truth for themselves rather than accept blindly what someone else has told them. To accept something by faith isn’t easy for humans, but, by faith, we accept many things we have never personally experienced. Believers have a personal experience with God and know He is real. Therefore, anyone who wants to seek the truth needs to study scriptures and Christian literature, and pray humbly without bias or prejudice. I urge all non-believers to seek the truth. God is listening and will welcome you with open arms. The benefits are “out of this world.”

Gloria Hawkins, Prince Frederick