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How does the payment of $13,500 per house by a developer alleviate school overcrowding and improve the public schools? This is just one of many examples where the majority of county commissioners are out of touch with reality.

Reality is not catering to developers. The county commissioners need to spend all day at some of the schools in order to be introduced to reality.

Students are often crammed in a classroom. There is a higher student-to-teacher ratio in some classes. Maintaining order is difficult. Students who want to learn have to suffer because the teacher has to spend time maintaining class order. When a teacher needs to spend more time disciplining students because they don’t think they have to follow the rules, that takes away from the others’ education.

Teachers in many schools give their time to do tutoring during lunches. Many respond to parents’ concerns after school hours in addition to lesson plans, grading papers etc. Rewarding teachers by packing students in their classroom like sardines doesn’t keep good teachers.

Maybe the commissioners need to take a walk through some of the school hallways during the changing of classes. Try to make it to class on time as you navigate through the masses. What happens when the student is marked late because they are struggling to get from one end of the school to the other? The hall is packed because the school is overcrowded.

Or, better yet, attend class and not have enough textbooks for everyone because there are too many students. How do students learn when there aren’t enough books to go around?

Using trailers as classrooms is not acceptable. Some students spend most of the school day in the trailers. Maybe the commissioners need to run through rain, snow and/or wind to use bathrooms or eat in the cafeteria inside the building.

There are several safety issues that need to be addressed because of overcrowding in the schools. Overcrowding a building is a fire hazard.

Isolation between the main building and trailers is a major problem. Many schools are not adequately equipped for visitors to enter their building. One middle school has visitors come into the school at one entrance while the main office is in the center of the hallway. Anyone can walk down one of the halls or upstairs without anyone realizing an intruder is in the building.

The county has many academic and safety issues to address in the public schools before adding even more students to overpopulated buildings.

It’s simple. If the building already is over capacity, you don’t add more.

Jackie Koerbel, Indian Head