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The planning process for land use in Charles County is unresponsive to the desires of a majority of its citizens. As we watched the comprehensive plan and tier map issues unfold, we saw opposition to the planning commission arise from many disparate groups.

These groups, well-meaning as they are, are too small to have the kind of political impact that can change the direction of our county.

Over the coming weeks, we will be reaching out to local organizations concerned about land use planning and attempt to build a coalition large enough to make a real difference in the future of Charles County.

This isn’t just about land use or zoning. Our education system, our transportation system, our recreation opportunities and the economic future of our families all depend on the choices we make right now.

Examples of poor planning are all around us in the sprawl and congestion we see every day in neighboring counties.

The undersigned hope that all concerned citizens will join with us to demand that our leadership steer us in the direction of economically viable and environmentally sustainable growth.

Barbara and Russ Talcott, La Plata

Barbara and Mike Williams, La Plata

Mike Billard, Waldorf

Nancy Schertler and Howard Dent, Newburg

Melissa Coombs, Indian Head

Lee Platt, Newburg