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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission released its annual assessment for Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant units 1 and 2 on Wednesday.

The NRC’s end-of-cycle performance review of Calvert Cliffs states that, overall, the plant operated “in a manner that preserved public health and safety and met all cornerstone objectives.”

Kory Raftery, CCNPP spokesman, said Wednesday, “We are proud of the way we operated the facility over the past year, but will never be satisfied.” He explained that the Lusby plant is “always striving to be the best in the nuclear industry” and owner Constellation Energy Nuclear Group is “always searching for ways to get better.”

The NRC reviewed the most recent quarterly performance indicators, inspection results and enforcement actions from January through December 2012, according to the letter.

In addition, the letter states that the performance at Calvert Cliffs during the third quarter of 2012 fell within the “Licensee response Column because all inspection findings had very low safety significance, all performance indicators demonstrated that your performance was within the normal, expected range, and a supplemental inspection was successfully completed for the greater-than-green inputs.”

Raftery said the staff at CCNPP “work around the clock to ensure our facility is safe and secure when it comes to all aspects of plant, personnel and public safety.”

amanda harrison