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Reading the news about the speed cameras producing three times the revenue expected is not a surprise [“Cameras nab 3 times more speeders,” Maryland Independent, March 8].

These cameras were sold to the population as a safety item, but it has turned into a cash cow for the Charles County commissioners to divide and spend.

Why not dedicate all of the money to the sheriff’s department for needed upgrades and improvements?

That is where the money should go if it really is all about safety, and not just another revenue stream to be spent as the commissioners desire.

When are the leaders going to wake up and quit taking every penny they can and spending it?

Another example is allowing developers to build more houses without any regard for the kids, the schools and the infrastructure needed to support the added population. When are the commissioners going to make the developers pay for fire stations, EMS stations and schools before they build the houses, apartments and condos?

Hopefully in the next election, people will remember these people, the ones who have sold out our county residents.

Jim Buckingham, Waldorf