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After reading Norma Powers’ Feb. 15 letter to the editor [“State gun proposal does not infringe on rights,” The Calvert Recorder] I would like to submit the following:

Watch out; when politicians start referring to legislation as “common sense,” that is usually a tip-off that it lacks any common sense whatsoever. Believing a piece of legislation that will restrict my ability to defend myself and my family is somehow going to make us safer is pure fantasy. Sometimes, I think politicians are more apt in writing children’s books than letters to the editor. Think about it, not hard; just take your thought process to a conclusion. I obey the law, have 10 rounds in my magazine, two thugs loaded down with “illegal” weaponry enter my home — where does that leave me? Certainly, the police with all the high-capacity magazines will arrive long after the crime has been committed, and posting the Gov. O’Malley (D) law on my front door probably won’t help much either — sort of like those silly gun-free zone signs.

In a recent event in Loganville, Ga., where a woman saw a man enter her home, she grabbed her twin 9 year olds and a weapon and hid in a crawl space. The thug sought her out and entered the crawl space to do who knows what. Thankful she was armed and shot the loan intruder, five of the six rounds hit their target. But what if there were two or even three thugs up to no good? With a 10-round limit, she and her twins may not be alive today. All your law does is put families at risk while emboldening the criminal element.

Also, Powers shows her ignorance by likening our civilian weapons to that of the military. Most citizens do not own any military automatic assault weapons. They may look similar and fire the same round, but their operation is certainly different. Military type “assault” weapons are automatic, which means you can hold down the trigger and it will keep firing, but with my civilian version of the same weapon, you have to pull the trigger for each shot, just like a revolver, shotgun or any other gun for that matter. To liken my weapons to those of the military is disingenuous at best, and your only purpose for spouting such drivel is to further a radical political agenda. Apparently, the liberal left can’t combat the opposition in the arena of ideas, so misinformation is their next convenient course of action.

O’Malley and Powers think they are all-knowing and will decide what weapons I can or can’t have; well, the Second Amendment to the Constitution begs to differ. My right to keep and bear arms in order to protect the life of myself and family, along with defending this country from its enemies, whether they be foreign or domestic, is a God-given right that no one can take away or infringe upon. As far as school security, since the gun-free zone signs didn’t work out quite the way politicians thought they would, I am all for strengthening security at our schools, but superficial improvements alone will not work unless they include armed security. Minus armed security, nothing in the O’Malley law will prevent another Sandy Hook type of tragedy from happening again. That is reality.

Brian D. Lee, Lusby