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I am vehemently opposed to any addition or disturbance of revetment along the 2.3 miles of shoreline that belongs, collectively, to the members of the Chesapeake Ranch Estates (CRE). A handful of homeowners who bought property along the cliffs have plans to armor the base of the cliffs, and that will be to the detriment of the entire community of CRE. The members of CRE will no longer be able to enjoy the 2.3 miles of shoreline unfettered as when they bought their properties. Some members bought their properties for this exact reason.

The proposed revetment in front of the cliff homes will not only destroy the beaches by this construction, but will also entomb the scientific riches within the cliffs and will very likely forever negatively impact the beach areas south of the armored cliff home — specifically, Driftwood Beach. This is substantiated by the geological scientists who have studied these cliffs for decades, and I have forwarded their educated assessments to the Property Owners Association of the Chesapeake Ranch Estates board of directors.

Serving on the board of directors of CRE is about preserving the community and property values for the human beings who live here first. I am not a corporation. I am a human who works very hard to afford a home in a community with two beautiful beaches to enjoy, and I will not stand idly by and allow them to be ruined.

To the CRE community that I was elected to serve, this is public notification that your shoreline along CRE is about to be forever changed.

Joann Nance, Lusby

The writer is on the board of directors of the Property Owners Association of the Chesapeake Ranch Estates.