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The Sunday Youth Basketball League capped off the 2012-13 season with its annual Coaches Showcase Night on Friday evening.

And once again, St. Mary’s College of Maryland opened up its Michael P. O’Brien Athletics and Recreation Center Arena for a night of celebration that featured basketball, cheerleading and awards.

“Tonight, it actually was very well run,” league president Tara Moore said. “Thank goodness, we had the help of last year’s president Bob Hanley, who knows how to do everything, so he’s a phenomenal help, but otherwise the parents were wonderful, the kids are always wonderful. It’s a great Catholic basketball league.”

Moore added, “It met my expectations and even beyond, so I was very glad for my first time as the president to be able to have such a great event for this community.”

On her first year as president, Moore said: My first year was tough. It wasn’t as tough as it could’ve been because I had big shoes to fill following Bob Hanley; he was a phenomenal president for the last seven years, so I had a lot of expectations that I had to meet, and hopefully I met those.”

Among the highlights of the winter for the league was more than 700 people traveling to the University of Maryland, College Park, for a day with the Terrapins on Super Bowl Sunday.

Once in College Park, 50 girls and 50 boys from the league’s nine varsity basketball teams had the opportunity to play on the court at the Comcast Center. And SYBL cheerleaders were given the opportunity to cheer on the court during time-outs and at halftime of the Maryland women’s basketball team’s game with Boston College.

A few days later, the league had a special event at the Capital Clubhouse in Waldorf. More than 500 people came out.

“It’s just been a great community and again tonight you see that with all these people, all the parents, everybody cheering for one another, and so it’s a real fantastic league,” Moore said.

On the court, it was the North taking care of the South in the boys contest, while the South defeated the North in the girls game.

In the boys contest, the North led by as many as 28 points and went on to beat the South, 69-55.

The North’s Most Valuable Player was Derrick Carter of St. Mary’s Bryantown School. The South’s Most Valuable Player was Tyler Young of St. Michael’s School.

“A lot of them, it’s their last night; they’re going off to high school, so they’re having a bunch of fun and making a lot of memories,” said North head coach Cal Weirich, who coached Archbishop Neale School to league tournament and North division titles with a perfect 16-0 record. “So I think it’s real special, especially for their parents to be here, and we tried on our team to get everybody involved and everybody to score and we did.”

On the girls side, the South went on a 15-0 run in the fourth quarter to knock off the North, 39-29.

The North’s Most Valuable Player was Ashley Ramsey of Mother Catherine Spalding School. The South’s Most Valuable Player was Kate Barthelmes of Father Andrew White.

“We’ve been fighting head-to-head all year, and just the fact that they can work together, I think it’s real special for [the children]. It’s a good experience for everyone,” said South head coach Jamie Billig, who coached Father Andrew White School to league tournament and South division titles.

The league also announced its all-league teams with Jalen Gibbs of Archbishop Neale named the boys Player of the Year and Mackenzie Loewe of Father Andrew White named the girls Player of the Year.

Before the showcase games, the league’s schools competed in three-on-three, free-throw shooting and three-point shooting contests.

Archbishop Neale won the three-on-three boys title with the team of Nico Pe, Ryan Oglesby and CJ Weirich. Little Flower School was the runner-up with the team of Aaron Wood, Greg Lawrence and Seth Blevins.

Archbishop Neale was the champion in the girls three-on-three with the team of Emily Hruda, Brandi Glascoe and Karen Anderson. Cardinal Hickey was the runner-up with the team of Samantha Vanslyke, Marissa Laidley and Annie Doyle.

Louie Estevez of Archbishop Neale won the boys free-throw title, while Garrett Norris of Mother Catherine was the runner-up. For the girls, Brenna Grooms of Archbishop Neale was the champion and Millie Martin of Little Flower was the runner-up.

John Pappas of Father Andrew White won the boys three-point shooting contest, and Hakeem Everett of Archbishop Neale was the runner-up.

Sydney Guy of Father Andrew White was the girls champion, and Mackenzie Crossman of St. John’s School was the runner-up

After the showcase basketball doubleheader, cheerleading squads from St. John’s junior and varsity performed, as well as varsity squads from Mother Catherine, Little Flower, Archbishop Neale, St. Peter’s School and Father Andrew White. There was an eighth-grade cheerleader exhibition after that.

“Each of our schools has the opportunity to have a cheerleading squad, [but] not all of them can field them based on participation levels,” Moore said. “This year, we had six varsity squads and one junior varsity squad. Of those varsity squads, they’ve done a phenomenal job, their coaches again have taught them lots of things and hopefully they’ll be able to take that and move on to the high school level, as well.”

The league handed out service awards to Sam Riley, Kathy Conklin, Tim McCleaf and Jeff Barickman.

The final award of the evening was the Dylan Brown Award.

The award, created in 2006, is named after the 12-year-old Holy Angels Sacred Heart School student who died Sept. 9, 2004, after losing his battle with leukemia.

The award is given to the one player in the league, boy or girl, who best embodies the spirit of Brown through his or her outstanding sportsmanship and teamwork, hard work and determination, embracement of Christian values and the true love of the game of basketball.

The award went to Erin Balderson of Our Lady, Star of the Sea School.