Water restrictions lifted after Chevy Chase water main put into service -- Gazette.Net


The 60-inch water main that burst in Chevy Chase Monday is back in service after repairs were made late last week, and water restrictions have been lifted.

A 20-foot section of the five-foot pipe at the intersection of Connecticut Avenue and Chevy Chase Lake Drive had to be replaced, according to officials from the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission.

The cause of the break is still being investigated and may take months to determine, officials said, who noted the incident resulted in the loss of nearly 60 million gallons of water.

Mandatory water restrictions set by WSSC when the break occurred have been lifted.

While the pipe underwent repairs, WSSC mandated that Prince George’s and Montgomery County residents limited their water use to ensure enough available water for fire departments and emergencies.

WSSC officials had advised residents not to run washers and dryers, to take shorter showers and to turn off faucets when brushing teeth.

Damages to the area surrounding the water main break will take weeks to repair, WSSC officials said. Restoration is needed to roadways and sidewalks and damages trees will also have to be removed, officials said.

As a result, the far right northbound lane on Connecticut Avenue remains closed near the break, according to WSSC officials.

WSSC general manager and CEO Jerry N. Johnson issued a statement to thank customers and employees for their cooperation.

“We thank our customers for their conservation efforts and patience as we repaired this important transmission main, and we deeply regret the inconvenience this caused,” Johnson said in a statement. “And I thank our people who worked tirelessly to be sure the repairs were made quickly and safely.”