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With only 11 days left in the General Assembly’s session, the fate of bills are becoming clear. Below is a round-up of the status of some business-related bills introduced this session.

SB34/HB261: Would reduce the state corporate income tax rate from 8.25 percent to 6 percent. In Senate and House committees.

SB203/HB386: Would increase research and development tax credit funds from $6 million to $18 million and allow small businesses to receive refunds for excess if their credits exceed the amount of state income taxes paid. Passed in House, in Senate committee.

SB278/HB227: Funds grants for workforce training collaborations among businesses, government and nonprofits. Passed both chambers.

SB469/HB1246: Would have implemented combined reporting tax system for businesses that operate in multiple states. Unfavorable report by Senate committee.

SB538/HB560: Would establish a framework for public-private partnerships. Passed House, in Senate committee.

SB683/HB1204: Would have increased minimum wage. Unfavorable report by Senate committee.

SB698/HB735: Would have required employers to provide all employees with paid sick leave. Unfavorable report by House committee, withdrawn.

HB1054/HB1515: Would raise gasoline tax to fund transportation projects. Passed House, approved by Senate committee.