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Some educators will do just about anything for their students — even the awkward, the embarrassing and the strange.

Which is how Dana Davison, principal of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Germantown, found herself up against the wall on March 22. Duct-taped to it, in fact. But willingly.

“You always want to make sure the students aren’t just learning, but having fun,” Davison said. “[And] it’s for a good cause.”

Davison submitted herself to the ordeal as part of a fundraiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, which suggested the stunt as a way of encouraging students to raise more money.

Students spent several weeks collecting money as part of a “Pennies for Patients” drive and, as an incentive, Davison pledged that if they collected $1,000, she’d let them tape her to the wall. Last year, Davison and two other administrators took pies to the face to encourage fundraising, she said.

Sure enough, the students met the goal, and Davis stuck to her promise. The day before students left on spring break, she stood on a chair and about 20 students made an additional $2 donation to help to secure her to the wall.

It took at least five rolls of tape, Davison said, adding that they were able to remove the chair, briefly, but it was replaced when she began to slip.

And how did it feel to be up there?

“It was ... interesting,” Davison said, laughing. Because the students were having fun and it was for charity, she could get past the embarrassment, she said.