Young’s diatribe doesn’t represent Frederick County -- Gazette.Net


As a constituent of wonderful Frederick County, I am mortified at the behavior of our elected official, county Commissioner Blaine R. Young. I don’t agree with his politics, but I am always open to listening and hearing the other side. I want to be informed, even if the facts don’t align with my political beliefs.

The headline, “Anti-growth whiners...” (The Gazette, Forum, March 21), should have tipped me off. In a 20-paragraph commentary, there are only seven that do not denigrate his constituents that disagree with him.

He says his detractors “whine” and “complain,” are “malcontents,” “selfish,” and “live in fantasy world,” questions their motives and says they deal in lies.

What else did I learn? Oh yes, that the school system is fine, and developers don’t need to pay into the system because there are no problems.

This would have been the perfect opportunity for Young to address the article just seven pages earlier that relays the budget cuts our schools are being forced to take. It’s a clear disconnect to those of us who are involved with county schools and know they and their teachers are hurting.

He then addresses the “free ride” developers take. Great — I want to know if that’s false. He states they are going through hard financial times. I’m not sure that correlates to the issue.

Are developers paying what needs to be paid to address growing communities? Or are we, the Frederick taxpayers, going to have to shoulder the burden later? Are the tough times for businesses the reason they are not being asked to pay more? And if so, wouldn’t that be called a bailout? Are we helping all businesses this way?

Young insults the people who take their personal time to be active participants in our community. They care and fight for what they believe. How sad that their elected official chooses to deride them as “people ... with no clue about the facts.” As their official, he should take the time to find out their concerns and address them. Instead, they are mocked in the newspaper and on his ridiculous radio program.

As a resident who has only been here seven years, I guess I’m one of those know-nothings. I love this county and would love it to stay as is. I think that can be done by smart-growth planning, and I do not believe the current plans exhibit much in the smart department.

But I’d be willing to listen and able to accept I’m wrong if I’m given hard numbers and whole facts. Please don’t tell me the schools are fine when there is talk of ending summer programs, sports and many other much needed programs. It’s insulting.

I find it ironic that in his last paragraph he proceeds to lecture his constituents on what constitutes being neighborly. I thought it meant being kind and courteous regardless of disagreements. If he wasn’t my commissioner, I’d think it was hilarious that he had the audacity to complain about being called derogatory names. Did he read his own article full of defamations?

Sadly, he is my commissioner, and I find his behavior atrocious. It is not representative of the warmth and spirit of Frederick County.

Ysela Bravo-Schwetje, Mount Airy