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St. Mary’s jurors convicted a California man on Wednesday of sexual abuse of a minor and committing a second-degree sexual offense with a girl who testified earlier that day about what she endured in 2009, when she was 3 years old.

The jurors also heard a police recording of their interview with Donald Ray Millsaps III, in which he repeatedly denied having unlawful contact with any girl, but eventually admitted to an encounter with the girl when he had his pants down and was getting off a toilet.

“When I turned around, she was right there,” Millsaps, now 34, said to a detective after a car ride to the sheriff’s office. “It might have brushed her mouth. That was it.”

Millsaps also admitted that the incident continued five or 10 seconds before the girl left the bathroom, during the interview played in the courtroom by St. Mary’s Assistant State’s Attorney Julie White.

Trooper Jordan Stern of the Maryland State Police testified that the girl disclosed that Millsaps committed the offense, and that the defendant was not located and questioned until the beginning of last year in part because he had several addresses.

The girl testified earlier Wednesday about the incident with the man she knew as “Donnie,” and she gave varying accounts of when the incident occurred and when she was able to disclose what had happened.

“There was nobody else to tell,” she said, and she didn’t confide in the man’s girlfriend. “I knew she wouldn’t believe me,” the girl said.

The jurors deliberated the evidence for about 45 minutes on Wednesday before announcing their verdict, according to court officials, and a judge ordered that Millsaps be held in jail to await the results of a presentence investigation.