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The Maryland State Highway Administration implemented a new traffic pattern for motorists traveling south on Main Street onto southbound Route 2/4 to improve safety.

According to a SHA news release, motorists are no longer able to turn left off Main Street south of Prince Frederick onto southbound Route 2/4.

Motorists wishing to travel southbound on Route 2/4 from the intersection will have to travel north on Route 2/4 and make a U-turn, according to an alert sent out Tuesday afternoon from the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office.

After a SHA evaluation, the SHA release states, it was determined that restricting the left turn is “necessary to alleviate congestion in the MD 2/4 median and improve safety at the intersection.”

Bob Rager, SHA district community liaison, said in an email Wednesday that the Route 2/4 median is “fairly narrow” at the intersection. He continued in the email, “Given the volume of traffic on the mainline highway and the number of vehicles turning into and out of Main St., SHA determined a safety benefit could be obtained by reducing the number of potential conflicts in the MD 2/4 median.”

The release states that on average, 32,000 vehicles travel that portion of Route 2/4 and 4,200 vehicles travel Main Street each day.

Motorists turning onto Main Street from Route 2/4 will be unaffected by the new traffic pattern, according to the SHA release.

According to the release, maintenance crews have restriped Main Street approaching the intersections and installed signs advising motorists of the new pattern.

amanda harrison