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Island Music Company in La Plata was selected to visit Yamaha headquarters in Hamamatsu, Japan, in an effort to collaborate with top Yamaha executives on new product development, marketing strategies and instrument production techniques, according to an Island news release.

Island Music was selected due to an outstanding record of Yamaha guitar sales over the last several years in both local and international markets, the release states.

During Yamaha’s 125th anniversary of operations, Yamaha executives have reached out to successful small businesses for inspiration.

“Their corporate objective ‘creating kando together’ perfectly describes their refreshing outlook. Kando is Japanese meaning an inspired sense of mind,” Island Manager Morgan Clancy said in the release. Clancy, who represented Island Music on the nine-day trip in March, was asked to review new Yamaha products and concept guitars and their marketing plan for the coming years, and share her own ideas for future products that better meet the needs of local and global musicians.

“Yamaha is looking for inspiration from businesses that successfully have their hand on the pulse of both local and international musicians. Not only am I proud to be able to offer my ideas, but I am also flattered that a successful international corporation, such as Yamaha, took the time to listen and value the input of Island Music and myself,” Clancy said.

In return, Yamaha treated Clancy to a tour of Yamaha headquarters and its guitar workshops and factories in Japan and China. Guitar craftsmen explained the newest techniques in guitar craftsmanship as well as ancient techniques no longer used today.

“When someone says ‘made in China,’ handmade quality products are not the first to come to mind. Yamaha was hoping to change this outlook with these trips, and for me, they succeeded,” Clancy said in the release.