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A young girl with severe dog bite wounds is in stable condition after being attacked Wednesday evening.

About 6 p.m., officers from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office went to the 8600 block of Billingsley Road in Waldorf after someone called to report a dog attack.

Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Diane Richardson said that when officers arrived at the single-family home, a 5-year-old girl was lying in the backyard with severe wounds to her ears, neck and chest.

The girl was flown to Children’s National Medical Center by a Maryland State Police medevac helicopter, where, Richardson said, she was initially in critical condition with injuries that were life-threatening.

On Thursday morning, Richardson reported that the girl had been stabilized and the injuries did not appear to be life-threatening.

Richardson said that at the time of the attack, the girl was home with her mother’s boyfriend, who also lives at the residence, and that there were three dogs, an Old English bulldog and two presa Canario Italian mastiffs, in the fenced-in back yard.

In addition to the fenced-in yard, there was a fenced-in kennel inside the yard, Richardson said.

She said that based on preliminary information, the girl was being watched by her mother’s boyfriend.

The girl went into the backyard at some point, but it is unclear how long she was there.

Richardson said the mother’s boyfriend discovered her lying on the ground in the yard after the attack.

Two of the dogs — the bulldog, Major, and one presa Canario, Max — were outside of the kennel when the girl was found. The second presa Canario, Sugar, was inside the kennel.

Police say it is unclear which dog or how many attacked. Richardson said all three dogs were about 1 year old.

All three dogs were taken from the home by Charles County Animal Control officers.

The two dogs outside of the kennel when the girl was discovered were euthanized by Animal Control officers.

Richardson said the homeowners own the bulldog and the presa Canario that was in the kennel when the girl was found. It is unclear whether the other presa Canario was owned by them or just there temporarily.

“We have a lot of questions that still need to be answered. I’m not sure if we will ever get a full understanding as to what happened,” Richardson said.

On Thursday at the home where the attack took place, a man who answered the door but didn’t give his name confirmed that the girl was doing “much better” than the previous day. He could not, however, say when the girl would return home, and then declined to comment further.

Staff writer Lindsay Renner contributed to this report.