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The Charles County Sheriff’s Office permanently closed its District II Station building in Indian Head, effective April 1.

District II Commander Lt. Christopher Becker officially announced the closure at the town’s regular council meeting Monday.

“What we determined was in addition to the mold issues ... we discovered there were structural issues due to water leaks,” CCSO Assistant Sheriff of Operations Major Rob Cleaveland said of the station’s building at 4401 Indian Head Highway.

CCSO was leasing the building from the property’s owners, but the cost of repairs proved too much. The building’s age was also a factor. It was built in 1979, according to Community Affairs Director Karen Lindquist-Williams of the Indian Head Community Affairs and Community Policing Office.

“Because of the mold situation, we decided we needed to relocate,” Cleaveland said.

In early January, District II relocated to the Potomac Heights Volunteer Fire Department at 73 Glymont Road after elevated levels of mold and allergens were detected at the station’s building, which District II occupied since 2002.

CCSO is working with the town of Indian Head and other interested parties to find another location, and several sites are being considered.

In a best-case scenario, Cleaveland said the station would find a piece of property with a building “we could immediately occupy.”

Cleaveland said that the station had 2,000 square feet of space in the building on Indian Head Highway and, in looking for a new permanent space, would like at least that much space, if not more.

“Potomac Heights Volunteer Fire Department has been very gracious to allow us some space there,” Cleaveland said.

District II’s staff includes five people per each of three shifts. Staff rotate among day, evening and midnight shifts. A support staff includes an office receptionist and commander.

“We will maintain the same services we have provided to the west side of the county [despite relocating operations] until we find a suitable location for us to occupy,” Cleaveland said.

Until recently, the station continued to operate a mobile command from the parking lot at 4401 Indian Head Highway.

At the council meeting, Becker said that the sheriff’s office will continue to look at permanent location options in town but that the station’s next location probably will not be its permanent location either.

Residents with emergencies are urged to dial 911, but the station’s phone number, 301-743-2222, continues to be monitored.