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My husband and I had the opportunity to be in the balcony for a special Saturday session of the Maryland House of Delegates on March 23.

We stood in the cold wind for more than an hour for our chance to sit in. The balconies were full with lines waiting for their chance to be seated. It was an interesting sight.

The session was to start at 10 a.m. Very few delegates were present; those who were appeared to be working their phones, gathering coffee and snacks, chatting or burying their heads down in their computer screens.

As time went on, more delegates began to filter in; still for the group assembled, the chatter was loud and distracting.

The session was finally called to order with prayer at 10:45 a.m. Still, chatter prevailed and several loud hammers of the gavel finally brought quiet. Delegates were still filtering in.

My husband was able to catch pictures of delegates on their iPads playing computer games. Some continued on their phones, and still chatter at a lower level continued. Those of us in the balcony voiced amazement at the casual attitudes and actions in such a setting.

I would encourage every citizen to make the trip and sit in on our elected representatives.

It was disappointing and clarified much of the problems we hear of in the higher political chain.

In fairness, this does not pertain to each and every delegate. But make the trip and let your representative know you are there ... and watching.

We need to know what takes place. It is our duty.

Anne B. Vachalek, Hollywood