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While the cause of the fire that led to massive damage to the Charles County Fairgrounds last week remains under investigation, officials said Tuesday that they have determined where the blaze began.

Deputy Chief Fire Marshal Duane Svites said the investigation has determined that the blaze originated in one of the smaller barns, which Charlie Gardiner, fair board president, said was the sheep barn during fair time.

“It’s just a matter of putting all the entities together right now,” Svites said Tuesday. Svites also made a point of dispelling rumors that the fire was drug-related.

Gardiner said that while insurance adjusters had visited the site, he was unsure when he and the other board members would receive word about the cost of the damage. Although some of the residents of the grounds had combed through the wreckage in search of personal items, Gardiner said the fair board had not been officially released yet to begin cleaning up the site.

“We’ve been very pleased so far,” Gardiner said Tuesday. “Everyone’s response to us has been very timely.”

Gardiner said the board is confident they will be able to rebuild, although the waiting game continues.

“The board is looking at how and when to come back, but there’s just nothing definitive yet,” Gardiner said.