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A judge ordered Monday that a Mechanicsville area man remain in St. Mary’s jail without bond after his arrest by detectives on charging papers alleging he recently broke into four homes in the Golden Beach neighborhood.

The crimes included an encounter with a hooded burglar trying to get into one of the homes, court papers state, and a police raid last Friday at the suspect’s home off Golden Beach Road found about one pound of gold items, valued at about $25,000.

Brian Yancey Sampson, 32, was arrested at the Vincent Circle residence and charged with four offenses of first-degree burglary and three theft offenses, including stealing property valued at more than $10,000 last month from a home on Golden Beach Road.

Charging papers state that when Gary Elwood League returned home from vacation, he found his rear sliding glass door shattered, and items missing from his home included a Rolex watch, Tag Heuer watch and another watch. “The residence was in disarray, and the entire house had been gone through,” court papers state from the investigation initiated on March 31, a week after the encounter with a burglar at a home on Cochise Court.

Richard Lynn Gentry Jr. told police that he and his girlfriend were watching a movie when they heard a loud noise coming from a downstairs sliding glass door, court papers state, and Gentry discovered the hooded intruder trying to break into the house.

Two days later, court papers state, Charles Bell reported to police that he got back from vacation and found that a burglar had gone into his home off Hillview Drive and stolen a diamond ring, gold watch, tool kit and $17.

Earlier last month, on March 7, St. Mary’s sheriff’s deputy Scott Ruest went to the Gold Market business in Waldorf, court papers state, as part of an investigation of a break-in that occurred between Feb. 23 and March 4 at Victor M. Demattia’s home on Beach Drive, where a shotgun and about $2,000 worth of jewelry including a school ring were reported stolen. Charging papers allege that Sampson sold the ring for $125 to the Waldorf business on March 4.

Ruest requested a warrant for Sampson’s arrest on April 3.

“I have been to the defendant’s listed address and spoken with his father, who advised the defendant does live there, but was not there at this time,” the sheriffs’ deputy wrote this month in the charges application. “At this point, I have been to the defendant’s residence several times to attempt to apprehend him, but have been unable to locate him.”

Detectives reported Friday that through weekly CompStat meetings, “a trend was identified involving multiple” burglaries in the Mechanicsville area, leading to a data analysis and the raid at Sampson’s home recovering missing items. On Thursday, court papers state, detectives determined that Sampson already had sold one of League’s watches and Bell’s watch to a local pawn shop, not identified in charging papers.

Police have not determined who owns the gold jewelry seized during Friday’s raid, and Sampson “denied any involvement [in] the burglaries,” Trooper Dustin Brill of the Maryland State Police, assigned to the St. Mary’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations, wrote Friday in a statement of probable cause.