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At its meeting last week, the Calvert County Board of Education received updates on construction items and approved a new “whistleblower” policy for staff.

On April 18, Calvert County Public Schools Director of School Construction George Leah briefed the board on two projects that would piggyback on bids by the Montgomery County school system. Leah said in a follow-up interview that piggybacking on another school district’s bids can save time for Calvert in the bidding process. Most of the districts in Maryland use a similar mechanism.

The two piggyback bids are for Huntingtown High School’s tennis courts and track to be repaired and to have Northern High School’s track refurbished. The board approved the request.

It should take about four weeks for Northern’s track to be completed and even less time for Huntingtown High School’s track, as it only needs spot repairs, Leah said.

The board also approved an agreement with Simpson of Maryland Inc. to re-roof Plum Point Elementary School for $416,000. Beltsville Industries Group Inc. was awarded the project to re-roof Appeal Elementary School for $371,000.

According to Leah, both roofs will come with a 30-year warranty.

Leah said construction on phase 2 at the new Calvert High School is still ongoing.

“We are progressing very nicely,” Leah said.

Leah said Northern High School is in the planning phases of refurbishment.

“We had introduction to 15 [architect] companies about Northern,” Leah said.

None of the architectural companies are headquartered in Calvert County, he added.

Mutual Elementary and Northern and Southern middle schools all have construction projects in various stages of planning. Huntingtown High School’s sewer project is currently seeking a consultant, Leah said.

‘Whistleblower’ policy adopted

The board of education approved a policy dealing with “whistleblower” protection during the meeting April 18.

The purpose of the policy is “to ensure that employees of Calvert County Public Schools can freely report suspected improprieties without fear of retaliation.”

Under the policy, CCPS employees can report unacceptable activities of co-workers and superiors in a timely manner without repercussions.

In other news, the board of education:

• Heard from Tammy McCourt, chief budget and business officer, who gave a summary of the year-to-date budget numbers. The total year-to-date expenditures for unrestricted funds is $129.3 million as of March 30. McCourt said the budget is on target.

• Voted to replace Director of Special Education Annette Langana, who is retiring, with Supervisor of Special Education Christina Harris. Harris will assume the position, effective immediately.

“[Harris] is very well qualified, in terms of the appointment,” CCPS Superintendant of Schools Jack Smith said.

• Said goodbye to student member of the board Christine Lukban. It was her last meeting as the 2012-2013 student member. Her replacement, Ed Town, a junior at Huntingtown High School, will take up the position in May.