Gaithersburg Aquatic Center on schedule for fall re-opening -- Gazette.Net


The Gaithersburg Aquatic Center will open as planned in the fall, after structural repairs and cosmetic upgrades are complete.

The city of Gaithersburg and Montgomery County Public Schools each contributed $300,000 to make repairs to the building at 2 Teachers Way. The center is located within Gaithersburg Middle School. MCPS is responsible for maintaining the building structure, while the city maintains the pool.

The center has been closed since January of 2012, when cracks were discovered in exterior columns. Gaithersburg’s mayor and city council decided to help fund repairs to the building in 2012.

MCPS estimated the cost of repairs to be $600,000, but since they could not contribute the whole sum, they requested the city pitch in half the amount, the Gazette previously reported.

Michele Potter, Gaithersburg Director of Recreation, Parks and Culture, said MCPS is currently working on their share of the repairs. Gaithersburg is responsible for cosmetic upgrades, like painting and re-installing tiles, and demolishing the plaster lining of the pool to give it a new interior.

“After the structural repairs are done...there is work that needs to be done inside,” Potter said. “We’ll be moving in once MCPS is done.”

Potter said the city expects MCPS to finish structural repairs by the end of the spring.

Several project stakeholders are meeting once every two weeks to discuss progress on the center’s construction. According to the minutes from the most recent progress meeting, contractors are working on replacing rusted drains from the pool and taking down the indoor mural, which has deteriorated.