Comcast reorganization will mean more call-center jobs in Montgomery County -- Gazette.Net


Comcast Corp. is beefing up its Montgomery County job base at the expense of Prince George’s County and Northern Virginia.

The Philadelphia broadcasting and Internet services giant will add dozens of call-center employees in Silver Spring while cutting 145 call-center jobs in Largo and more than 100 others in Northern Virginia by Sept. 7.

Some 200 new call-center jobs will be added in Silver Spring and White Marsh near Baltimore, though Aimee Metrick, a Comcast spokeswoman, could not say how many will be moved to each site.

The moves are being made to “deliver a better overall customer experience,” Metrick said in a statement on Monday.

“We will be combining our Largo customer-care operations into our existing call-center locations in Silver Spring and White Marsh,” she said. “The expansion of call-center operations in these two locations will provide more specialized service for customers and better leadership, training and development opportunities for employees.”

About 160 employees from areas such as sales, business services and technical operations will remain in Largo after Sept. 7. Comcast will help affected employees apply for more than 400 available openings in the Washington region, Metrick said. Those include the 200 new call-center positions in Silver Spring and White Marsh.

Comcast employs more than 5,300 workers in the Washington area and has invested more than $660 million in infrastructure and other services in the past year alone, Metrick said.

Comcast enjoyed a good 2012, with revenue rising 12 percent, to $62.6 billion, from 2011, while net income leaped by 49 percent, to $6.2 billion.