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A middle school student discovered the very real consequences of having a fake gun on school property last week.

At 8:05 a.m. May 17, Matthew Henson Middle School’s school resource officer P. Mann became aware that a student might have had a weapon while on a school bus earlier that morning.

According to information provided by the Charles County Sheriff’s Office, witnesses reported that a sixth-grade Henson student was on Bus 159 when he pointed what witnesses thought was a BB gun at two students. Witnesses said he threw the weapon out of the bus window when the bus passed Billingsley Road near Livingston Road.

Mann went to the location and found a cap gun on the shoulder of the road. The student was charged with second-degree assault and possession of a weapon on school property.

In a letter sent home to Henson parents, Principal Sonia Jones wrote that school staff took immediate action.

“Our School Resource Officer and administrators located the student, investigated the incident and removed the student from school,” she wrote.

She wrote that students found in possession of a weapon, real or not, face “possible criminal charges and disciplinary action.”

Jones urged parents to remind students that all guns, including BB guns and air guns, are not allowed in school and anyone who is carrying one will be treated as being in possession of a weapon.

Parents also were asked to remind students to contact staff immediately if they have any information regarding illegal, threatening or dangerous activity.

Administrators received information quickly about Friday’s incident, and Jones said that as a result, the school was able to resolve it right away and safely.