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The Internal Revenue Service has proven it does not belong in a free society. Can the land of the free and the home of the brave still recognize the feudalism seeping into our government institutions?

These past weeks confront us all with the sad picture of a tyrannical IRS systematically stomping on the civil rights of groups they don’t agree with. This type of political thuggery is a crime in America. Once recognized for what it is, we do not tolerate such behavior. In the past we have called out the National Guard to ensure systematic violation of civil rights stopped. Our institutions change their behavior to come in line with our values codified in the U.S. Constitution, or they are shut down.

Freedom demands courage. The IRS is out of control. Conceived as a bad tax experiment, the IRS has mutated into a statist enforcer.

In the United States of America, we don’t have to stick with a failed experiment. Tell your representative and senators to immediately pass the FairTax proposal currently before Congress (HR 25/SR 122). Enacting the FairTax would phase out the IRS completely. FairTax expands our tax base.

By taxing consumption rather than income, earning is encouraged and hiding income becomes unnecessary. Imagine, bringing home all of your paycheck and not having to fear becoming too successful.

The FairTax is supported by years of academic scrutiny and economic research. Only the FairTax proposes to responsibly maintain the revenue we all know our government needs to serve our nation. Only the FairTax ends the IRS.

If you are tired of politicians whipping the public into a frenzy and then leaving the situation largely unchanged, take action to learn the facts yourself at Tell Congress you want the FairTax passed and the IRS gone.

David H. Dotson, Leonardtown