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This story was updated at 5:30 p.m. June 19, 2013.

Fairfax County police said Bennett James Rill was the teenager electrocuted on the roof of a trailer next to Fox Mill Elementary School Tuesday night.

Bennett, 14, was remembered on Wednesday as a good friend and a great athlete at Rachel Carson Middle School.

A vigil was held inside the school, but reporters were not allowed in.

Bennett had just finished his last day at Rachel Carson Middle School on Tuesday, according to Derrick West, 15, a classmate and good friend.

“I already miss him a lot,” West said Wednesday outside the vigil.“He was one of my closest friends. He was a great basketball and football player and a great person to talk to. He often helped me with my basketball skills and was a great friend to talk to. He could keep a secret and not tell everybody your business if you opened up to him.”

Four teens — three age 14 and one age 15 — were on the roof of a teaching trailer behind the school shortly before 9 p.m. when Fairfax County Fire and Rescue officials were called, according to Fairfax County police spokesman Don Gotthardt.

“Police and fire were called shortly before 9 p.m. and found four teenagers. One apparently was found entangled in what appears to be some sort of electrical wire. We believe he was electrocuted and was pronounced dead at the scene,” Gotthardt said Tuesday night. “The wire was attached to the back side of the school, located at 2611 Viking Drive in Oak Hill. The three other teens were all taken to Inova Fairfax Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.”

Police later identified Rill as the teen who died.

Gotthardt said all of the teens were Fairfax County Public School students, but not at Fox Mill Elementary. Gotthardt described them as “local kids,” and added that they did not appear to be trying to enter the school.

According to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue records, Rill was discovered “hanging from conduit approx 8-10 ft off the ground.”

FCPS spokesman John Torre said Tuesday night that the teens were trying to access the roof of the building.

“It is my understanding that there is a shed on the back of the building that you can climb up and get access to the roof of the school from,” Torre said. “Apparently there are some wires along the roofline that may have been what was involved here.”

Bennett’s father, Derick Rill, said his son had been attempting to help a friend climb a fence and got tangled up in the wires. It is unknown why the boys wanted to get up on the school’s roof.

According to a Fox Mills Estates resident who lives adjacent to the school and wished to remain anonymous, neighborhood teens often climb up on the roof of the school to “hang out.”

Fox Mill Elementary School Assistant Principal Brian Moose acknowledged that there is a shed behind the school with wires and conduits that can be accessed. “You could climb it pretty easily,” he said.

Torre said he did not know of students doing that.

“I am not quite familiar with that, but it was the last day of school and school was let out today, and these kids are not students here at Fox Mill, but they were apparently trying to access the roof for whatever reason. It is very sad news and our thoughts and our best wishes are extended to the families,” Torre said.