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Charles County police arrested two women on prostitution charges Friday at Waldorf hotels after responding to online classifieds offering sexual services for cash.

In both cases, detectives found and responded to ads on, a classified-advertising website frequently linked to prostitution.

Officers arrested Markeisha Monique Thurman, 20, of Capitol Heights after detective Corey Wimberly called the phone number listed on an item advertising “Big Booty Freak $60 Special” and agreed to meet the woman who answered at the Waldorf Motel, according to charging papers.

During the phone call, Wimberly and the woman discussed “hanging out,” a term investigators say prostitutes and their customers commonly use as a euphemism for sexual acts, and agreed on a $90 fee for a half-hour encounter, the papers state.

Wimberly arrived at the motel with other officers, who arrested the woman after she let the detective into her room. Officers identified the woman as Thurman from her college ID card and confirmed that she had been in contact with Wimberly after scrolling through her cellphone, court records state.

Officers also found a marijuana baggie in plain view in Thurman’s purse, next to which they found her college ID card, the documents state. The marijuana carried an estimated street value of $10.

Thurman agreed to speak with investigators, and confirmed her involvement in prostitution, the papers state. She was released Saturday on her own recognizance, according to online court records.

In the second case, officers arrested Kimberly Denise Hooker, 28, of El Cajon, Calif., after detective C. Caldwell responded to a Backpage ad and arranged a meeting at the Super 8 motel with a woman who also agreed to “hang out,” according to charging documents.

Caldwell and the woman settled on a $120 price for a half-hour meeting, the records state.

The woman instructed Caldwell to park at the motel and wait five minutes for her to call him back with her room number.

Meanwhile, detective Anthony Celia conducted surveillance at the motel’s parking lot, and saw a woman resembling the one in the Backpage ad get in a car with out-of-state license plates.

The car left, and shortly afterward, Caldwell called the woman back, who said she was “spooked” because Caldwell’s number did not register “as a good number,” the papers state.

The car then returned to the parking lot and picked another woman up. Both women “were dressed in a way that one would associate with prostitution,” the records state.

Officers pulled the car over and identified the passenger as Hooker from her California driver’s license. Police also reviewed her cellphone, which registered Caldwell’s phone number among its recent calls.

Police arrested Hooker, who admitted to putting the ad on Backpage and speaking with Caldwell. She denied being involved in prostitution, claiming instead that she was merely trying to get a ride to Woodbridge, Va., the papers state.

Investigators found a charging document in Hooker’s purse indicating she previously had been cited for prostitution in San Diego, Calif., at which point she said she had once been involved in prostitution, but not any longer, the documents state.

Hooker was released Monday on $1,000 bail, according to online court records.