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A former server’s own admitted negligence led to a $100 fine at Tim’s II at Fairview in King George, Va., last Thursday during a meeting of the Charles County liquor board.

The restaurant juts out into the Potomac River on a pier and so is under the jurisdiction of Charles County.

During an April compliance check, Richmond, Va., resident Kenneth Walker, who was working at the time as a server at the seafood restaurant, served a beer to an individual whose license identified him as 19. Walker was fired after the incident, and owned up to his negligence before the board. Walker said he had received no formal alcohol awareness training from Tim’s II but that he had worked as a server on and off for a decade.

Walker’s assertion about his lack of alcohol awareness training drew concern from board member Wayne Magoon.

“I did not do my due diligence,” Walker said.

“That bothers me,” Magoon said to the restaurant’s licensee, Guy Booth. “You have to make sure your employees understand what they sign off on.”

Board member William Young urged Booth not to accept vertical licenses from Maryland.

As the restaurant’s entrance is in Virginia and all of the servers might not be familiar with the Maryland licenses, board Chairwoman Pamela Smith urged more intensive and regular training for the restaurant staff.

“We need some more diligence on your part,” Smith said.

Board member Burkey Boggs made a motion that was approved unanimously for Walker to receive a $100 fine rather than the maximum $500 fine because he is currently unemployed. Boggs’ motion also included a one-day restriction on alcohol service in the restaurant, with two days held in abeyance.

The restaurant did not serve alcohol Monday, in accordance with the penalty.

Board member Thomasina Coates was not present for last week’s meeting.

The board also:

•Approved a license transfer for Westlake Liquors in Waldorf from Gerald Bartholomew to Jae Hyung Yoon.

•Approved a license transfer for Portside Liquors in Bryans Road from Najib Bakir to Preetanjan Greewal.

•Approved a license transfer for Bud’s Liquors in Waldorf from Jaymin Pandya to Gulabbhai Mistry.

•Approved a new license for Deja Blu, a soul food restaurant in Waldorf operated by Faustine Robinson and Awanda Williams.

•Approved a license transfer for Hooters from Betty Jane Creelman to Donald Creelman.

•Approved a license transfer for World Liquors and Fine Wines in Waldorf from Grum Arega to Gerald and Ryan Elliott and Susan Barnes.

Temporary licenses issued:

•Rotary Club of Charles County for a one-day license to sell beer only for a fundraiser noon to 6 p.m. Sept. 29 at the Charles County Fairgrounds in La Plata.

•Charles County Crime Solvers for a one-day license to sell beer only for a fundraiser 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sept. 17 at White Plains Golf Course.

•Education Association of Charles County for a one-day license to sell beer only for an event 3 to 8 p.m. Aug. 16 at the county fairgrounds.