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Acoustic concert series attracts big acts

An up-and-coming music venue is pairing local and regional acts to give Southern Maryland musicians another place to play while luring in more fans, according to people involved with the new Alchemical Records Friday night concert series at QP2 Cultural Center.

“A lot of local artists have been traveling out of Southern Maryland to play. There haven’t always been the right opportunities for them to be able to perform. There are limits in some of the Southern Maryland venues of Southern Maryland musicians going out and playing original music,” said Daniel W. Hill, principal of the Alchemical Records label as well as frontman for local band Yellowtieguy.

On June 21, the performers will be Washington, D.C.-area Jerry Hergenreder of Color School and John Vallandingham of California, part of the band Come Back Iris. On June 28, Northern Virginia band Grand Revival will join local performer Kirbie.

All performances will be acoustic, but there’s plenty of room for “eclectic” offerings within that constraint, Hill said.

“It’s a variety of different musicians. Some of them don’t even perform acoustically regularly, so it might even be out of character to catch some of these bands in a fully acoustic environment, so it can be a little extra-special. And it’s a very intimate setting,” Hill said.

QP2 Creative, which shares its offices with Quality Printers, promotes community arts in its space, said Quality Printers staffer Joe Wimberly, a friend of Hill who helped arrange for the concerts to be held there.

“All I said was yes. He said, ‘I have 26 bands and 13 dates,’” Wimberly recalled. “We’re kind of working out the wrinkles and stuff like that, and just trying to see how it’s all going to work out. But yeah, it’s a place for people to express themselves and a way for us to interact with community and provide something a little bit different. … We’re doing the best we can to make it a place where people know there’s something going on, to get on the map a little bit.”

Tickets cost $5, which is paid to the bands, Hill and Wimberly said.

Concerts are held Fridays 7-9 p.m. at Quality Printers, 10485 Theodore Green Blvd., White Plains.

For more information, call 240-349-2953.