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The president of the Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad has been charged through a summons with a prostitution offense. Court papers allege he solicited a female law officer working undercover earlier this month to engage in sexual acts for money.

Dean Patrick Gass, 45, of Leonardtown met with the officer on June 7, charging papers allege, at the address of the College of Southern Maryland campus in Leonardtown, a short distance from the suspect’s home.

“We plan to enter a plea of not guilty,” Bryan Dugan, Gass’ lawyer, said Thursday.

Gass continues to serve as president of the volunteer organization, squad Chief Amy Smith said Thursday, declining to comment on any possible change in that status.

Gass also would not say if he would continue to hold that position.

“I’m not commenting on any of that,” he said Wednesday, after he was served with the misdemeanor charge.

St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Capt. Daniel Alioto, commander of the agency’s vice-narcotics division, said this week that after an initial conversation between the suspect and the female officer working in an undercover capacity, $80 presented to her was seized during their meeting at the college, and additional money also was seized from the suspect.

Police did not choose the campus as a place to meet, the captain said, and no sexual activity occurred.

“The sex act wasn’t going to happen at the college,” Alioto said. “It was simply a meeting point for the two to get together.”

Alioto said the suspect briefly was detained after the encounter, and the charge was issued last week by a court commissioner.

“This is in conjunction with a continuing, ongoing investigation,” the captain said.