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This story was corrected on June 27 at 1:30 p.m.

Beginning in August, Northern Virginia Community College will offer a new Fridays-only Degree Program aimed to address working students’ need for greater class schedule flexibility. The program, which will kick off on the Annandale campus only, is open to students seeking their associate of science degree in general studies.

“We’re always looking for new offerings to meet our students’ needs,” said Enrollment Specialist Marc Robinson, who is program manager for NVCC’s Weekend Studies, Fridays-only and high school dual enrollment programs. “What we have in our community are working adults who might work four days a week or might be in law enforcement and need their associates [degree] to be promoted.”

Students with professions are looking for offerings that enable them to quickly complete a degree program while maintaining working hours, he said. Under the Fridays-Only program, students would receive much of their class instructions online through NVCC’s Extended Learning Institute, and visit campus on Fridays for in-class sessions. The longest day under the Fridays-only program would run from 8 a.m. to 3:40 p.m. and includes a lunch break. Tuition and fees for the program are the same as other course offerings at NVCC.

“Many of them [students] are fine with getting that all done in one day and having the rest of the week to work on other things,” Robinson said. “It’s very prescribed. It would take two years [to complete the degree’s 60 credits] going fall, spring, summer [and] fall, spring summer… Our adult students want to get their degree as efficiently as possible.”

Dean of Academic Administration and Assistant Provost for the Annandale campus Christina Holt said the Fridays-only program could be extended to other campuses if there is demand and if it proves successful at its first run in Annandale. The Annandale campus of NVCC is the college’s largest serving about 22,000 of the college’s 72,000 credit-seeking students.

“We’re hoping that we’re going to be helping our students reach their goal of getting their degree,” Holt said. “Overall more and more students are seeking that [online] option… But it’s really based on their schedule; what works for them.” She said courses that offer a combination of online and in-class instruction are in high demand.

“I think this is going to be a phenomenal program,’ Holt said.

For more information on the new Fridays-only Degree Program visit

Students looking to register for the program should call Marc Robinson at 703-425-5260 or email him at

The original version of this story contained an incorrect email address.