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The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office recently announced its completion of the “first wave” of the Smooth Operator Initiative.

The initiative is a joint effort between law enforcement in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia, which targets aggressive driving, according to a press release. During the first phase, Calvert deputies stopped 117 vehicles. As a result, deputies issued 79 citations for speeding violations, 51 warnings for speeding and 17 citations for unrelated violations; made one criminal arrest; and served four warrants, the release states.

Funding for the initiative is paid for by grant funds awarded by the Maryland Highway Safety Office.

The sheriff’s office will continue to enforce the traffic laws in the county to try to reduce deaths on local highways, according to the release, which can be accomplished through a cooperative effort from citizens in the county. It is the sheriff’s office’s goal to rid highways of aggressive driving and unfortunate crashes resulting from speed and driver errors, the release states.

The initiative is an ongoing effort targeting aggressive drivers in several different waves, the release states. If a driver is operating in an aggressive manner, call the sheriff’s office at 410-535-2800 and report the driver.