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Many moons ago, a U.S. Marine officer from Texas and a beautiful St. Mary’s County lady set eyes upon one another. Love at first sight? Not just yet, but after a short courtship, sparks did start to fly.

So on June 2, they celebrated 10 years of togetherness and happiness in marriage. This road has had its ups and downs, medically speaking. Cancer struck both of them but at different intervals.

Finally, after difficulties and tribulations, God, we believe, intervened through their (and their families’) daily prayers. They are out of danger.

Moses Saldaña Jr., presently chair of the St. Mary’s County Alcohol Beverage Board, and Marlene Wood Saldaña reside in Mechancisville, joyfully feeling victorious over the dreadful cancer illnesses — hopefully forever.

Moses P. Saldaña Sr., Austin, Texas