MOOseum celebrates county’s dairy farming past -- Gazette.Net


Montgomery County isn’t known for its agricultural output today, but a symbol of the county’s farming past was on display Saturday at a Germantown museum.

Organizers of the MOOseum, which is dedicated to teaching children about agriculture and farm life, unveiled a century-old milk wagon at an event Saturday.

The wagon is similar to ones that delivered milk and dairy products across the county in the 1800s and early 1900s.

It was donated to the MOOseum by the owners of Dairy Maid Dairy in Frederick.

The dairy is the oldest dairy in the city of Frederick, and serves a wide section of the Germantown and northern Montgomery areas, as well as providing milk to Montgomery County Public Schools, said Paul Weller, a spokesman for the MOOseum.

Until two decades ago, Montgomery County was home to nearly 400 dairy farms, a number that has shrunk dramatically as development has filled up the county’s vacant land, Weller said.

The wagon will be used in parades, he said.

Similar wagons were used through World War I and into the 1920s, and again during World War II because of gasoline shortages, he said.

“This thing delivered in probably two different eras of the 20th century,” Weller said.