Rockville’s fireworks show cut short due to loose cables -- Gazette.Net


Visitors who thought the City of Rockville’s Independence Day fireworks were shorter than usual this year were right. The show, held at Montgomery College, was shortened from a planned 20 minutes to about nine minutes due to technical difficulties.

About six minutes into the show, technicians realized the next portion of the show was not working, so they skipped ahead to the three-minute finale, according to a news release from the city.

“They ran a pre-show diagnostic and everything was in working order, but then as the show was going on, some cables that control a series of firings became loose during the show,” said Marylou Berg, city spokeswoman.

City officials are working on getting some kind of refund from Zambelli Fireworks, the Pennsylvania-based company that operated the show. The price tag for the planned 20-minute display was about $24,000, Berg said.

“We’re working with them on some kind of resolution,” she said. “It’s a positive conversation.”

Rockville has worked with Zambelli for fireworks shows in the past, Berg said.

“We’ve got a really good working relationship with them,” she said. “They’ve done a great job for us for many years.”

A representative for Zambelli could not immediately be reached for comment.