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The trial of a Washington, D.C., man charged with attempted murder in a Dec. 8 double stabbing began Monday, with police called to the witness stand repeatedly to detail the bloody scene and the victims’ gushing neck wounds.

Ricardo Anthony Davis, 46, was charged with attempted first-degree murder and first-degree assault after surveillance footage showed him stab two men who attacked his friend at the Wow Café & Wingery in Waldorf, according to charging papers.

Davis and his friend appear on the footage standing at a table inside the restaurant when two men walk up behind them. After exchanging some words, one of the men, of the District, punched Davis’ friend in the face three times, police said.

Davis retaliated by pulling a knife and stabbing the other man, of Suitland, in the neck, the papers state.

The men tried to leave the restaurant, but Davis followed them to the exit and stabbed the District man in the back of the neck, near the base of the skull, police said. The footage then shows Davis hiding the knife beneath a floor mat near the exit, court records state.

Both stabbing victims underwent emergency surgery and were released.

Charging documents state that Davis admitted to the stabbings and hiding the knife in an interview with police, but claimed he had acted in self-defense.

Cpl. Calvin Roberts of the Charles County Sheriff’s Office was off-duty and working a part-time security job at the restaurant when the assault occurred. He testified Monday that he intervened in the dispute outside the restaurant and placed Davis on the ground in handcuffs before turning his attention to the two victims.

Davis ran off, but was apprehended by sheriff’s special operations officer Larry Blake, who was off duty and at the restaurant as a customer. Blake testified that he chased Davis and caught him near Mimi’s Café in the same shopping center on Western Parkway before handing him over to patrol officers arriving on the scene.

Sheriff’s patrol officer Richard Bagley, a certified EMT, said he got to the scene and tried to stem the victims’ bleeding, particularly the Suitland man, who had blood “pouring” out of his neck.

“It was like a horror movie. There was blood everywhere,” Blake said of the scene outside the restaurant. The Suitland man “was squirting blood everywhere,” he added.

An off-duty U.S. Capitol policeman was also at the restaurant and testified Tuesday morning that he tried to help secure the scene. He too described the Suitland man as appearing to be worse off than the other.

“Blood was literally gushing out, surfacing basically the whole sidewalk area,” he said.

The officer testified that while Roberts tended to the victims outside, he stood in the restaurant’s foyer to keep patrons inside and preserve the crime scene. He then felt something beneath the restaurant’s floor mat with his foot, and kicked the mat to discover a knife hidden underneath.

Public defender Michele Harewood pointed out that the officer did not see who hid the knife under the mat.

“It could have been anybody,” she said.

A crime scene processor for the sheriff’s office, Bagley collected the knife and took it to the department’s Waldorf station to be picked up and processed by the crime lab, he testified.

Harewood drew a distinction between the crimson scene and the knife, which in photos taken at the scene didn’t appear to be that bloody.

“That knife looks kind of dry, doesn’t it?” she asked Cpl. Donald Belfield, who testified that he took photos of the knife at the restaurant.

“I noticed there did appear to be blood on the blade,” Bagley said.

Harewood repeatedly asked Bagley whether the blade was a certain type of knife, only for him to tell her each time that he did not know.

“I can tell you it’s a black-handled knife with a blade,” he said.

The trial was ongoing Tuesday afternoon, with prosecutors in the midst of calling investigators to the witness stand.