Hip-hop dance camp puts on show -- Gazette.Net


The Lake Arbor Community Center is hosting a hip-hop dance recital at 5 p.m. Friday featuring children from the center’s two-week long camp.

About 50 girls participated in hip-hop camp, a day camp for girls to learn hip-hop, lyrical and other dance moves. The camp included a field trip and a show the children put on for family, friends and residents the last day of the program, said Aminah Bushrod, the Mitchellville center’s hip-hop dance director. The center holds four sessions of hip-hop dance camp throughout the summer.

Camp participants are responsible for designing their own sets, costumes and makeup for their performances, Bushrod said.

“The camp is a great way to empower our young girls to learn about other forms of dance than what they see on music videos and TV,” Bushrod said. “The show is really showcasing what the kids have learned during camp. Some kids even choreograph their own dances.”