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The real estate company that owns Calvert Village Shopping Center announced it has finalized plans with TJ Maxx to become the newest tenant — anticipated to open in fall 2014.

On Monday afternoon, Howard Biel, vice president of ECHO Real Estate Services, said the company has finalized agreements with TJ Maxx for the company to become the newest tenant at Calvert Village Shopping Center in Prince Frederick.

“We’re delighted to have them come in,” Biel said, adding that the company thinks the store will do “very well” in the location.

For the redevelopment, Biel said, the breezeway area and the immediately surrounding area of Calvert Village will be demolished. He said the company anticipates the demolition to be completed by the end of this year and the new construction to begin as late as Jan. 1, 2014. The leases for the affected businesses that are currently in Calvert Village permit the company to terminate a lease “if we gave them sufficient time” to find a new location, Biel said earlier this month.

Right now, ECHO Real Estate and TJ Maxx are working on development and engineering plans for the storefront, Biel said Monday.

“Hopefully,” TJ Maxx will be open by the 2014 holiday season, Biel said, explaining that the holiday season means “pre-Thanksgiving.”

Earlier this month, Biel said the company knew it wanted to redevelop the area and put in another major store to help balance the shopping center, which currently houses a Safeway grocery store. ECHO Real Estate Services bought the shopping center in late 2012.

“We’re very pleased that this is moving ahead very nicely,” Biel said.

There are several other changes also coming to the shopping center, Biel said Monday.

The real estate company has signed a lease with a new Hallmark franchise, which will be located in the same location as the previous Hallmark store. A lease has also been signed with Olympia Sports, which will be located at Educate and Celebrate’s current location.

Both of these sites, Biel said, will undergo construction before the tenants move in and the stores open for this upcoming holiday season.

Between Family Dollar and TJ Maxx, there will be room for three stores, Biel said, adding that two of those storefronts are relocations — Angel Nails and Bayshore Eyecare. The original plans were reconfigured a little, Biel said, “to accommodate some of the others” who were going to be affected by the redevelopment.

Beyond TJ Maxx, in the 3,000-square-foot space, Biel said, the real estate company is looking at a “restaurant concept.”

Overall, the redesign of Calvert Village Shopping Center displaces five stores, Biel said, including Carrington Formal Wear, Pizza Oven, a catering service and a barber shop.

Pizza Oven, which has been located at the shopping center for the past 38 years, doesn’t have any set plans on relocating, said current owner Karen Vendemia.

Vendemia, 60, said her uncle and her father both owned Pizza Ovens in the area and that she’s worked at a Pizza Oven since she was 11 years old. About 20 years ago, she said she took over the Pizza Oven her uncle owned in Calvert Village Shopping Center.

Although Vendemia expressed that she and her family are upset about leaving the business’ current location, there aren’t any set plans to relocate the business. She explained that any plans for the future of Pizza Oven are being left to her daughter, Stacy, who Vendemia said runs the existing business.

“She’s looking. She’s kind of narrowed it down,” Vendemia said of her daughter’s search for a new location.

Two of the other displaced stores – the barbershop and Carrington Formal Wear – have been able to relocate with help from Calvert County Department of Economic Development, Biel said.