Poolesville churches hold friendly water balloon battle -- Gazette.Net


Three Poolesville churches settled their denominational differences Sunday with an epic water balloon battle.

Poolesville Baptist Church, Poolesville Presbyterian Church and Memorial United Methodist Church battled it out on the Whalen Commons in Poolesville, followed by an ice cream sundae party.

The churches have been waging a good-natured campaign of pranks, including posting signs and banners, in and around each other’s buildings and grounds.

The idea came about during one of the regular meetings of clergy from various churches in the area, said Jace Broadhurst, senior pastor at Poolesville Baptist.

The group is always thinking of ways to remind parishioners that even though they may worship differently or have slightly different doctrines, they’re all Christians in one greater church, he said.

Frustration and scandal in churches always seem to draw attention, he said. But when congregations get along together, it’s barely noticed.

Broadhurst said his church had about 60 people signed up for the event, but he was hopeful many more would attend from all the churches and the larger community.

The water balloon battle and ice cream social are a way to get everyone together and celebrate their differences and what brings them together, he said.

“Even if we stand strong in what we’re thinking, we still love each other,” he said.

Poolesville churches hold friendly water balloon battle