Watch out for Rockville’s newest red light camera -- Gazette.Net


Police are set to begin issuing tickets for violations caught at a new red light camera in Rockville.

The camera went up in late July, but did not begin issuing warnings and citations until Monday.

The 10th city-operated camera is at the intersection of Wootton Parkway and Preserve Parkway. Drivers can receive tickets when they run a red light or make a right turn on red, where permitted, without first coming to a complete stop.

Tickets issued for violations caught by the camera are $75. Camera flashes do not always mean that a violation has occurred, according to a city news release.

The City of Rockville now operates 10 red light cameras:

• one on North Washington Street at Beall Avenue,

• one on West Gude Drive at Gaither Road,

• two on West Gude Drive at Research Boulevard,

• two on Seven Locks Road at Fortune Terrace,

• one on North Washington Street at Middle Lane,

• one on Park Road at North Stonestreet Avenue,

• one on Gaither Road at Redland Boulevard and

• the newest camera on Wootton Parkway at Preserve Parkway.