Glenarden officials don’t want to dump trash pickup -- Gazette.Net


Glenarden residents will no longer receive trash pickups if the City Council does not approve a contract extension at a special meeting.

The City Council will meet 7:30 p.m. Wednesday to vote on extending the city’s contract with Greenbelt-based Goode Trash Removal, Inc., which provides twice-a-week trash pickups and weekly recycling pickups for residents. The council set up the meeting Monday night during a special work session.

City Council President Jennifer Jenkins said she is confident the council will approve a month-to-month contract extension.

The extension is only a stopgap measure as city officials will be viewing proposals from trash companies during a bidding process, she said. It gives the council an opportunity to lobby for new features, such as door-to-curb service, which would help older and disabled residents, Jenkins said.

“I have citizens with knee replacements,” she said. “They can’t get their trash out on their own.”

The current trash contract has been in effect since 2007 and the council approved a year-long extension last year.

Newly elected Mayor Dennis Smith has had two months since he came into office to get the new contract’s proposal process started, but he said other issues such as city finances and hiring a city treasurer and city manager took precedent.

Smith said he requested from the City Council up to three months of month-to-month extensions with the Goode so city staff could prepare a proper solicitation for proposals. It is required by city law for the city to accept bids from competing companies.

In other business, City Councilwoman Deborah Eason (Ward 2) discussed her resolution on removing Jenkins as city council president. Eason and other council members said they didn’t know what was happening in the city and said Jenkins was not sharing information. Jenkins said she did not have the information her peers requested.

Jenkins said she would resign if that’s what the council wanted.

“This is not an easy job and you can’t know everything,” Jenkins said. “You can’t please everyone.”

John W. Anderson, former mayor and 43-year Glenarden resident, spoke to the council before adjournment.

“I just hope we are working together,” Anderson said. “We’ve got too many problems in this town.”

The council also discussed revising council rules to make them clearer and reviewing the powers of the City Council president. No decision was made regarding Jenkins’ status by the end of the meeting.

Council members also discussed whether the city’s Gold Room, an event space managed by the city, should be provided to city organizations at a discount.

The council’s next meeting is 7:30 p.m. Wednesday in the city council chambers, 8600 Glenarden Parkway.