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A man who went to deliver flowers to his wife at the bank where she works ended up helping police make an arrest after the bank was robbed Friday.

At 10:40 a.m. Aug. 30, a man wearing a motorcycle helmet and gloves walked into the Capital One bank in the Waldorf Market Place shopping center, pulled a knife and demanded money from a teller, according to the Charles County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s office spokeswoman Diane Richardson said that the teller gave him cash and the man, later identified as Julian Jerome Brown, 45, of Waldorf, drove away from the bank on a motorcycle with an amount of money that police won’t reveal.

Police reported that the witness was in the parking lot when he saw Brown go into the bank wearing a motorcycle helmet. The witness reported that he thought it suspicious that he didn’t remove the helmet and that the motorcycle had paper tags that read “BADDAZZ.” When Brown exited the bank with a nervous bank employee at his side, the witness thought the bank had just been robbed and decided to get in his truck and follow the motorcycle Brown was driving.

The witness said he had confirmed the bank robbery with a cellphone call to his wife, who is employed at the bank. His wife relayed to police the location of the motorcycle her husband had followed.

Richardson said that the witness followed the motorcycle to the Hampshire neighborhood in Waldorf. Police officers surrounded the area, and while they were getting into position, Brown swerved to avoid hitting a police car and crashed. He ran from the scene.

Richardson said an officer caught and arrested him without incident.

She said that the witness went above and beyond what the sheriff’s office asks of the community when it asks people to be nosy neighbors and report suspicious activity.

Richardson said that because of the witness’s involvement, the sheriff’s office was “able to make a very quick arrest.”

Richardson said that Brown was charged with robbery.