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A Hollywood woman has been charged through a summons with stealing property valued at more than $1,000, in court papers alleging she took the items from three homes last month while performing her duties with a house-cleaning service.

Sara L. Hockaday, 32, told police that she received the items from someone else. According to court papers, she claimed she got them from a great-grandfather, with a name that investigators determined was derived from a cartoon character.

Detectives also questioned James R. Anderson Jr., Hockaday’s boyfriend, and charged the 31-year-old man with theft offenses.

Hockaday, employed as a day laborer for a licensed house cleaning service not identified in the charging papers, is accused in the court documents of taking a high school class ring valued at about $500 from Pamela Brookbank’s Oakville area home, a plastic bag containing sharks teeth and $10 from Connie Sirbaugh’s home in Leonardtown, and two pairs of gold earrings with a total value of about $700 from a jewelry box in Geraldine Beaton’s bedroom at her home in Leonardtown.

Anderson, who did not enter any of the residences, told police that he accompanied Hockaday to a gold-buyer business in California, also not identified in charging papers, where he used his identification card to sell and trade the stolen jewelry for money, according to a charges application filed by St. Mary’s sheriff’s detective Cpl. David Alexander. The missing ring and earrings were recovered through the investigation.