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Entry day is Monday


Staff writer

Calvert County Fair officials are preparing themselves for an influx of submissions in the photography division due to its increased popularity over the last several years.

Homemakers Department Chairwoman Jeanette Seidenstricker said the photography division is “a very popular department now,” with between 400 and 500 entries each year.

“It’s a big department,” she said.

Although Kelly Kostelnik did not have time to prepare entries for this year’s fair, the Owings resident submitted a picture of a girl standing with her horse and three other photographs into the Calvert County Fair last year.

“I chose [to submit the] one with the girl and the horse because I put that one into other competitions … and I really liked that picture,” 23-year-old Kostelnik said. “I think it’s one of my best ones. That’s why I chose that one.”

Clearly, the fair judges agreed, as they awarded her photograph of the girl and the horse first place. For her win, Kostelnik was given a first-place ribbon and $4, she said.

Kostelnik said she was more anxious than nervous about whether her photographs would place in the competition last year.

“I wanted to see how well they would do,” she said, adding that she was not expecting a win but was hoping for one.

Kostelnik, who majored in photography in college and is now a photography teacher at Bishop McNamera High School in Forestville, said she always encourages her students to enter their photographs into different competitions, and would urge anyone considering submitting pictures in the fair to do so.

“I would say definitely do it,” she said. “It’s always good to get your work out there and have other people see it. … You never know who’s judging the competitions; they may like something somebody else may not.”

Photographs can be submitted in the fair on the entry day, which is Monday, Sept. 23, Seidenstricker said. Submitted pictures must be 5-by-7 inches and must be matted to 8-by-10 inches. One entry per person, per category, will be accepted, and Seidenstricker said there are 15 categories for black and white and 15 categories for color pictures. The entries will be judged by out-of-county judges Tuesday, Sept. 24.

The winning photographs are displayed in the Homemakers building, Seidenstricker said, and the winners will be given an award.